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Fashion is “mess” dress, skirt + pants is really fashionable

Such a trend is becoming faster than the day time, if still feel just dress skirt, trousers pants only! So small I, can only give you a word breaking the pattern Tucson! Tell you a secret, now fashionable people are inside skirt pants, this is the trend of small Oh ~ on behalf of the dead do not wear long johns party to such a trend tribute to thank you for saving my knees look really warm wood there?
But I believe at this time your heart must be rejected, so low pants + skirt collocation, how to meet my glamorous and elegant temperament! But these collocation, people really can not refuse. This seemingly impossible match, unexpectedly good looking!

The use of eyes in model plane training

Model plane training consists of three aspects: facial expression, eye expression and overall design. These three are the key points to highlight the difference between a good model and a unique one. Besides facial expression training, eye expression is especially important in model plane training.
Eye use training
Using the eyes in the training plane model is particularly important, because all the internal needs of all models into external beauty, and the most effective method of inner beauty is the eyes of the message. The look in the eye is a artifact, which brings out thoughts and emotions and gives a new soul to an empty frame.

Seven essential conditions for excellent models

Many people hope that by virtue of natural beauty and wisdom of the mind to become a good model, but this is a process of hone, I have to work hard, only to have to do a good model to be accepted! The following small series with a look at a seven conditions good model!
1. confidence
As a model, is to show their strengths, dare to show their own body, their confidence in themselves, so as to attract others, to become the envy of the object.
2., not afraid of hard work
Models don’t just look good. Must also have good quality, do not like the beauty of health, sometimes shooting bad environment or shooting time is long, do not get angry because you can not eat, an advertising film down to the assistant, went to the director. They work for the job, not the models. Not because the model tired, want to rest and free to stop work, tired when only their own adjustment.

Italy Institute of clothing Chinese Luthor Admissions Guide |2017

Accademia del Lusso is the School of Fashion in Italy specialised in & Design training key professional figures in Fashion Modeling, Fashion Design, Fashion Brand Management and Fashion Styling. Our main school site is located in the core area of Milan fashion district on Via Montenapoleone.
All of the teachers at Accademia del Lusso are expert working professionals and have important roles within business in fashion design, fashion modeling, fashion brand management and fashion styling in Italy. Innovative yet experienced the School s teaching method combines theoretical “study with practical experience to create a training environment that allows students to develop a broad ranging skill set as they study Fashion in Italy. Courses have & Design limited class sizes, making teacher-student interaction genuine and dynamic.
Italy Institute of clothing Luthor is a specialized training of fashion design, fashion show, fashion brand management, fashion modeling heavyweights Italy Institute of fashion and design. The main campus is located in the heart of Milan’s trendy blocks, Monte Napoleon Avenue, Milan.
All the teachers of Italy Institute of clothing are Luthor professional teachers, plays an important role in fashion design, fashion show, fashion brand, fashion business management. The teaching methods of the college are not only creative, but also combine theoretical study with practical experience to create a training environment for students to develop various skills. The class adopts a small class model that allows students and teachers to interact with each other in real and vivid ways.
ITALIAN STYLE | Italian style
Accademia, del, Lusso, conveys, to, aesthetic, sensibility, attention, to, style & detail, and, creative, genius., This, students, captures, what, is,, meant, by, logo., the
Convey to students is Luthor Institute of clothing aesthetic sensitivity of style, attention to detail and creative talent, as the brand itself conveys information.
LOCATION | place
What better location than Milan Milan is the heart of? Italian fashion. It is an intercultural and dynamic source of new trends. Accademia del Lusso s site is located on “Via Montenapoleone, core of the Milan fashion district and an inspirational location for aspiring fashion professionals. On Via Chioggia, Accademia del Lusso s Luxury Lab is situated: ‘an active workshop location where students transform their theoretical knowledge into practical experience
Speaking of fashion, there is a better place than Milan? Milan is the center of Italy’s fashion, and it is also the center of multiculturalism and the birthplace of popular new trends. Luthor clothing college is located in the mount Napoleon street, here is the core of Milan’s fashion district and gathered a large number of aspiring fashion practitioners. In the street (Via Chioggia) with Papprizzio and Luthor clothing, luxury studio, this is an active studio, where the students theoretical knowledge into practical experience.
Headquarters: Monte Napoleon Avenue
This exclusive street at the heart of Milan s fashion district is where many ‘of the world’ s most famous luxury brands have their flagship stores. This was chosen to serve as a direct window into the world of fashion thanks to the immediate contact with the luxury brands which adorn the street.
The luxury street, at the heart of Milan’s Fashion District, has brought together many of the world’s best luxury flagship stores. With close ties with these big names, it is seen as the first window of the fashion world.
Luxury Studio: Papprizzio plus Street
Students who choose to study in Milan will have many of their lessons in the school s Luxury Lab which “, is located at Via Chioggia 2/4. This is where the school s technical laboratories sewing”, rooms visual, marketing rooms, IT rooms, International Office of Employment and Student Support Center are located. Students are also free to use the shared areas of the school for self-study.

N.Paia Enpaiya winter 2017 show debut China International Fashion Week

Under the era of how to find the change unpredictably, independent individual in a pluralistic world? YAYING Group brands N.Paia Enpaiya 2017 winter series released China International Fashion Week debut, no longer adhere to the general formalism to “reset” as the theme of fashion can be reconsidered, breaking the original space structure, a new framework for restructuring, casting time with the changing track of individualism.
N.Paia Enpaiya through the integration of art and the power of time, with the mainstream concept and attitude era more authentic interpretation. Fashion as the carrier, re construction of space form, to create a new modern urban fashion. “China supermodel He Cong, on behalf of the new generation of” deserved little showbest “Wang Xinyu,” eyes clear Oriental Girl “Wang Luping,” supermodel double popularity king Xue Dongqi and other international supermodel for the big show to help out, and with the music leisurely, open the incomparable ultimate space.

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